Honolulu, Hawaii

Lanikai Pillbox Hike

lanikaipillbox_Panorama1.jpgWhile in Honolulu, I posted these photos on my InstagramGrace had commented on one of the images, suggesting that I should check out Lanikai Pillbox. I was interested and we both started our private conversations through Instagram. She suggested that I go early in the morning before the sunrise. She also gave me a few tips before heading up that hike, it’s only a 30-45 minute hike (not too bad, however it was the longest 45 minutes my entire life!) It had rained the night before so it was rough getting up to the pillbox. Be careful hiking up if it had rain before you start your hike! Lanikai Pillbox is known to be Honolulu’s easiest hike with the most breath-taking views!  If it hadn’t rain the night before, it would’ve been the easiest hike ever-however, there were slippery rocks, be sure to workout your upper body if you plan on going to this hike, its pretty steep! This hike is still an easy and safe hike to tackle alone, which is what I did! I spend most of the way up pulling myself with trees and rope. Once I reached to the first pillbox I decided to stop there since the sun was beginning to rise. IT was amazing! If the sun wasn’t already to rise, I probably would have 13442161_1725723977697642_5969735701634984749_nheaded over to the second pillbox. There were already other hikers at the pillbox and was more than happy to help you get up the concrete slab. Some people brought their dog, and we all had a blast listening to music, singing, taking pictures, while watching the sun rise. Oh you know just making friends everywhere I go. What else is new? As everyone was enjoying the view, we all saw a storm coming towards us and was hoping it would die down by the time it reaches over to us. It didn’t, and everyone was drenched! We all kind of laughed about it while heading down together. Be careful while going down the hike when it’s raining, and if you see the ground wet. It’s a slippery slide down, and most of us fell, slide, and got muddy on the way down. It didn’t matter-we were all a bunch of strangers laughing, and talking and just having a merry time.

Taken with iPhone


Here are some breath-taken photos that I took with my Canon 5d Mark II.









*All images are copyrighted by Naomi Ha 2016. Please ask permission, and give credit when using my images. More photos to come.

***To view more photos please check out UnrealHawaii’s blog by clicking here.


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