How to be a Minimalist · Tips on Decluttering

Minimalism verses Simplification

If you haven’t noticed, in my last couple of post, you will see that I am currently in the process of decluttering my possessions, and taking a dip into minimalism. By Minimalism, I do not mean the extreme spectrum of minimalism- but I want to have a more condense version in the things that I currently own, and have room to focus on the life that I desire.

What is the life I want? How am I achieving it by practicing minimalism? 

I want a more simplified life, a life where I am not surrounded by meaningless things-clutter that does not make me happy or feel complete. Want the things I chose to harbor into my everyday life, to make me feel happy, complete, and to appreciate and have a clearer perspective of life.

With less things around me, I am able to think more clearly, thus, I reign clarity of mind. 

Before I started to downsize my belongings, my room was always messy, my desk always had junk on top of it, the closet was always overflowing with clothes to the point I migrated over to my brother’s closet, I never had room for anything. I could never find anything that I was looking for, and I never knew what I currently owned, and what I didn’t own. All the excess stuff did not only clutter my space, but it also wasted my time, and cluttered my mind. In by no means, this does not mean that today I am not a “true minimalist” or trying to be, however, since I had downsize my belongings, I have more time to do the things that I want, I had more money to invest in the things that I want, and my space is starting to look much cleaner!

Its much easier to stay organize, and cleaning time has be cut in half. 

Awesome right? Before this journey of mine, I had a day dedicated to cleaning up the house. Thats right! A full entire day-Sunday, and I grew to loathe Sundays. Yes, I would spend the whole entire day cleaning the house, a day I could be spending doing something else. Now that I have less clutter, it is much easier for me to clean up after myself throughout the day. I have less things to put away and I am spending less time cleaning. Today, everyday, I find myself spending roughly 15-25 minutes doing minor tasks to clean my everyday mess, and now I spend 2 hours every Sunday to do a deep clean, i.e., dusting, vacuuming, mopping, etc. Check out my blog post Simple Tasks to make to-do lists shorter 

I am spending less time getting ready, and getting more sleep! 

In the past I would have to wake up at least 2 hours early just to get ready for work-YES! 2 Whole hours! Thats precious time I could be getting my proper sleep. Every morning I generally start my day making my bed, hopping in the shower, picking out my outfits, did my hair and makeup before I leave for work. Before I just had way too many options, don’t get me wrong, having options is good, however, having way too many options is bad. In the shower I had multiples of too many things, 2-3 different types of body washes, shampoo, conditioner, hair mask etc. Picking out my outfits turned into a daunting experience- I would try on outfits, deciding if I liked it or not, if it fit me properly, if it matched, then deciding that I should probably change, and put on something else…. repeat that a few times until I find something I liked. Prepping my skin and putting on my makeup, something I once loved, turned into a chore, which moisturizer should I use today? Primer? Foundation? Eyeshadow? Blush, highlighters, lipstick, etc., Now what? Hair! I can’t leave the house with messy hair! Which products should I use today? I had a abundance of them all.
Since my journey, I have gotten rid of, or finished a bulk of my things, now it takes met less time to get ready. I am happy with everything in my closet. I no longer have to spend time picking out my outfits, since now everything in my closet flows nicely together- this means, no matter what I decide to put on, I will match, and everything will fit my body properly.

I am now surrounded by quality things that I am excited about every day! 

Instead of owning a mass amount of clothing that will eventually fall apart after a few short washes- I have since learned to invest in article of clothing that are better made, that has tighter stitching, higher quality in fabrics, etc., that will not last me a few months, instead last me for years to come. I have recently practiced this mindset when it comes to my skincare regime, and is currently in the process of doing the same for my makeup.
Now instead of owning numerous black purses and wallets from forever21, H&M, Target, Etc., that I was never happy with, I decided to sell all of my black bags (202 items total) and invested in ONE Large Black Michael Kors purse, a small Black Kate Spade Cross body  and a Louis Vuitton wallet that I have been obsessing over! * I recently sold 18 Nude and white clutches, cross bodies, bags and invested in one Kate Spade nude bag.

I have saved so much money, and now can afford to have experiences! 

Since my more simplified life, I have learned how to better spend my money. When it comes to beauty and fashion, I learned to be more selective in what I decide to spend my money on, and what I decide to bring home with me. In the past I would walk into the mall and literally spent my whole paycheck on materialistic things. I cannot recall how much on average I would spend my money on things I don’t necessary need, however, looking at my previous purchase history on my sephora and ultra account, I averaged about $2000/year on just cosmetics, this does not include my random CVS, Walgreens, or Target hauls. I have no idea on how much yearly I had spent on clothes, accessories, and footwear in the past, and I choose not to think about it-the last two years, I have brought home less than 10 items to put into my wardrobe. Today I only spend $500 on cosmetics all together- this also includes hygiene care.
Now I get to spend my hard on money on experiences! Last year I visited, Vietnam, Thailand, Las Vegas, and Chicago- I had so much fun in doing so. This year I am planning a couple of trips to go on, and crossing off things from my bucket list.

I want to buy my first investment property. 

For my current living situation, I am living with my dad. I am very fortunate of having a parent who rather have his children stay with him for the rest of his life; even though this is not what I want to do. That being side, my dad dad isn’t getting any younger, and I want to spend as much time possible with my best friend, however, I want to also be able to support him when its time for him to retire. I have decided to focus on saving up for a investment0 something for me to rent out and make money off from it.

Don’t think of it as minimalism, think of it as simplifying your life! 

From the start of my journey, I didn’t know that minimalism was even a lifestyle, I just wanted a more simplified version of the life I was currently living, and I was happy with that thought.
Only last year I have discovered the Minimalist Trend all over social media, I decided to join a few Facebook groups that is more focused on minimalism. Only then I realized that it just didn’t work for me-I found that most people in those types groups are extremely judgmental and aggressive when it comes to you talking about, or seeking guidance on your journey, or current lifestyle. I have learned to find a couple of friends whose interested in a lifestyle change who wasn’t going to be judgmental and support you in every way possible was the best thing for me to do. Over the past couple of years I have only integrated this mindset when it comes to my closet, makeup, and cosmetics. I recently started to integrate this into my art supplies- believe it or not, in doing so I feel as if I have turned into a much better artist. Before I had to buy every tube of paint known to man- today slowly but surely I am learning how to mix colors.

Do what makes you happy.

I am doing what makes me happy, and I have learned that everyone has their vice-I however have many-beauty, fashion, and art. However, I have learned that I don’t need everything to make me happy. I am happy with a handful of things in each categories-I just wanted a more simplified version of my chaos.


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