Honolulu, Hawaii

What’s in My Suitcase



So I finally finished packing for my trip, needless to say, I behaved in some categories, and I was naughty in others-the initial goal was to pack as minimally as possible. In the past, when packing for trips, I ALWAYS packed way too many shoes, and way too many clothes and accessories. When deciding, what all I should and should not bring to me on my trips, I have learned to pack multi-functional items, in the clothing  department, pack items that could be mixed matched together.



Swimsuits, I must say-I was very naughty when I was deciding what I should and shouldn’t pack. I decided to packed these three bikinis. I could be better off with only packing two swimsuits for my 5 day stay, but I couldn’t resist.To justify, I did somewhat behaved by only packing three. (all three bathing suits could be mixed together to create multiple options) I doubled up  my black swim top as a sports bra when during all of my runs, and hike.

I only packed one bathing suit cover, a large sun hat to protect my face, and a waterproof cellphone case from wildtek.

Now, I didn’t just packed swimsuits-even though it would be awesome if you could go just about anywhere in Hawaii in your bathing suit and barefoot-lets be reasonable I need clothes.  I am probably the only person known to man, who goes running and hits the gym when on vacation. For this trip I only packed two pair of shorts that 1) I can go running in 2) Wear if I decide to go on hikes. I decided to packed a black sports bra, a basic black tank top,  a basic oatmeal top, and a light hooded shirt- nothing too fancy so I wont be posting an image. I plan on wearing them casually a few times before I soil them in my sweat, or break a sweat in them from running.


Along with my “running gear” I also packed my running shoes. I can also wear these shoes for the mild hike I plan on going. As for “normal clothes”  I decided to bring light airy articles of clothing that I can wear in the hot climate. To save space, I packed everything that could be worn multiple times, and be mixed and match seamlessly.  Pro tip: Do not pack outfits, instead bring include basics or a color family that can be mixed together creating multiple outfits.  With addition of clothes I also of course packed undergarments. I won’t include a photo to avoid awkwardness of explaining.

With addition of clothing I also packed a box of fruit snacks and cliff bars to help my refrain from spending any additional money in the airport, and something to snack on while I lay out on the beach. My hair straighter (that could also double up as a curler). My toiletry bags. unnamed***To see what beauty products I had packed with me check out my last blog post ‘What’s in my travel makeup bag’ (Honolulu edition)


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