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Lets Declutter That Closet! [Poshmark Review]

** if you are interested in Poshmark and would like to sign up, please use code HWIXJ and get a $10 toward your next purchase, please read this post to learn more about the app, how to clean up your closet, and make a little bit extra cash along the way.

In my first blog ‘Why, Hello‘, I briefly mention that I have been trying to declutter my life and live with less stuff- so I decided to talk a little bit more in depth on some of the steps I did in order to achieve to where I am today.

In August of 2013 I somehow came across a free app called Poshmark, which at the time was specifically curated for women with iPhones- it certainly have evolved since then and is now available for all mobile, and tablet devices. *YAY*  Anyways I signed up thinking, ‘How awesome is this! I can rid some of the stuff in my closet I haven’t worn/used in a long time AND make a few extra bucks along the way’, and so I did, I actually use this as an excuse to finally clean out my closet, I did not care how much I was going to be making, I just wanted to have less clothes. Poshmark  is a free app, however it DOES takes 20% of your sale which is a fairly typical amount, compared to similar apps/site such as this, but they make shipping easy and do take care of their buyers and sellers. (I like to consider  the 20% PM fees as cost to ship). If you are interested in a community/social network type of shopping and selling experience than this is the app for you.
The app is extremely user friendly, easy to use, and once you start, you’ll wonder ‘What took you so long?’ Selling your closet consists of three simple steps
1. List your item, 2. Ship your item (they pay for shipping), and 3. Earn cash!

When I first started selling on the app, I have no idea to go about it. So here are a few things I have learned, and wished I had gotten these tips when I startedit would’ve made my Posh experience much easier!
1. Be Active. Be Honest. Be Informative.  You must be completely honest when posting your items, if there’s a small flaw, mention it, and include a photo. Compared to sites like eBay, potential buyers tend to ask more questions than on other sites so you must be more active in order to stay competitive. You don’t necessary have to answer questions within a nano second, but please answer questions in a timely manner; Pro Tip: I normally log on at 10am, 2pm, and 8pm and spend at least 15-25 minutes answering questions, and sharing my closet as well a returning shares to other closets. 

2. Have a Good Cover Photo. The saying “don’t judge a book by its cover” does not imply in this case. A good cover photo includes the following: Showcase the item that will appeal the eye, photo must be evenly lit, sharp, and clear. You are only given 4 photos per item so choose your images wisely.  Pro tip: when selling your items make sure you take the pictures on your phone in the square setting as you cannot upload other sized photos or photos from your computer, it must be done through the app.

3. Follow.  Just think of this like instagram. The more people you follow the more stuff you will get to see that might appeal to you. The more that follows you, then there will be a higher chance that you will make a sale sooner.

4. Share Share SHARE!!! If you want to use the minimum amount of time and energy than you will have little to no luck selling. You must be willing to share your own items and other items in order to get exposure. It will create exposure towards your closet. If you’re selling other people closets, it will cause those people to check out your closet, and share some of your items in return, who knows maybe it will help you render a sale! This has been the main reason as to how I have been successful on the app- to be honest, sharing can become so addicting. Pro Tip: You will get the most exposure by sharing in parties! But please make sure that the items you are sharing correspond with the party.

5. Put all the sold items at the bottom. This make things much easier for the buyer, seller, and sharer. Every time you have sold something, I recommend sharing available items in your closet. This will bring sold items to the bottom from all your listings- your closet will appear less cluttered, and could possible help potential buyers engage in your closet easier. Moving available listings will also make it easier on whoever decides to share from your closet, resorting to creating more exposure and more sales.
Screen Shot 2016-04-14 at 11.48.15 AM

If you have other tips and ticks that you would like to share and I have not covered please put them in the comments below. Let me know, have you tried Poshmark? Do you like it?


** if you are interested in Poshmark and would like to sign up, please use code HWIXJ and get a $10 toward your next purchase, please read this post to learn more about the app, how to clean up your closet, and make a little bit extra cash along the way.
Be sure to check out my closet as well, I have brands like Express, Sperry, TopShop, Sam Eldeman, and so much more in my closet.



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